Playing with Heidi Browne @ Festival Delle Colline – Italy

Photos from recent Festival Delle Colline in Italy with Heidi Browne :

Collin Browne / Heidi Browne / Jamie Brownfield ' Colline Festival Delle  Colline Heidi Browne playing flute Heidi singing at Festival delle colline Jamie Brownfield playing with Harmon Mute at Festival delle Colline in Italy Frestival delle Colline Outdoor Stage Italian Festival stage view looking at the crowd Stage under the trees in Italy Black and White Heidi & Jamie Jamie Brownfield Clicking Fingers Close up of Jamie Brownfield Taylor Trumpet heidi-brownefestival-delle-colline-6-1050x700 Hand Made Taylor Trumpet Played by Jamie Brownfield Jamie Brownfield Jazz trumpeter Prato Italy Reunion Blues Leather Trumpet Case