birthday parties

Having a band at your birthday party is always going to make it extra special! Because the music is so versatile and fits into many different settings, the band are an ideal enhancement to any birthday party, office party, wedding anniversary, christening, New Years party or any other festive celebration.

The band are very experienced performing as an integral part of all types of party. These range from large corporate parties to the small intimate birthday party.

Whether you are having a lively carnival Mardi Gras theme, a 1920’s Al Capone gangster party or wanting to create a theme that is very individual, the jazz band for hire party bands can add that sense of panache to your party, setting the mood and creating the correct ambience.

We have vast experience working with party planner, events organisers and modern caterers liaising with them on every little detail of your party. Whether its the Happy Birthday theme, ‘Celebration’ or the theme from the INSERT TUNE, their ability to perform music based around the nature of your event is imperative in enhancing the engagement.

If you are planning a party and want bespoke, high quality music that co-ordinates with your requirements then please get in touch and we can help you plan the party of the year.

Having a birthday party? Low key, go Lounge Sounds for a background swing band style. A mixture of jazz and latin with some Rat Pack Classics thrown in for good measure. For a full on celebration The Mississippi Swamp Dogs are a great birthday party band with a New Orleans twist. As well as playing all the old favourites that instantly get the floor filled, the Swamp Dogs play a set of funky, soulful, jazzy sounds with the New Orleans flavour. Beautifully played by seasoned professionals, this group is a jazz band, a soul band, a swing band a latin band, a rock and roll band and a party band all rolled into one!